Thomas Bocklenberg

Foto: © Claus von Weiss

Composing, Playing, Teaching

Most of my compositions are written for smaller ensembles, but there is also music for orchestra or electronic music. For some years now, I have been applying myself to compositions for lute, theorbo and guitar very intensively, including pieces in different styles and music for tuition.
Among the plucking instruments, especially lute and theorbo have fascinating tonal properties. Considering the multifaceted music scene today, there is a chance for composers and players to break away from the cliché of a merely historical instrument. It would pave the way for contemporary lute and theorbo music and new developments in instrument making.
For this, a special page on this website is Contemporary Lute Music.
As a player and teacher, music from Renaissance to today for historical and modern plucked instruments belongs to the repertory, as well as compositions of my own.



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Am Grat - 4 Studies for Guitar (Cover)

Am Grat – 4 Studies for Guitar (2019)

The Studies for Guitar are based on the opening motif a-b-c of the Chaconne in F Minor for Organ by Johann Pachelbel, which I transposed for an earlier arrangement to A minor and edited for guitar. The motif itself can only be heard hidden in these pieces, but forms the starting point for all fields of the composition. The studies are, despite their brevity, unique items, but can also be performed in the order given here.

Difficult to very difficult

Getastet – Balance – Moment – Am Grat

Total c. 7’30 minutes

Geister / Ghosts for Theorbo (Cover)

Ghosts for Theorbo (2017)

From the tonal intermediate world, always on the threshold of the non-tangible.
In addition to the special tuning of the bass choirs, many different percussive articulations and playing techniques are used as well as playing with slide.

7 sets, about 18 minutes.

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Blind Touch for Lute and Viol (cover)

Blind Touch for Lute and Viol (2016)

In this piece, rhythmics and tempo structures are a particular challenge for the players. To interpret the piece properly, the players have to find closest proximity despite the tonal diversity of the instruments.

c. 8 minutes

Premiere took place within the concert series “Sonorizzonte” April 30, 2017, 6 pm at Alte Hofkapelle der Münchner Residenz.
Performed by Michael Freimuth, Laute and Arno Jochem, Viola da Gamba.

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Allez Barré Vol.1&2 (1991-2013)

The short pieces should help to get into the barré technique on the guitar.

Book 1 provides easy pieces for guitar lessons, intended for students who are familiar with two- part-playing, chord playing, tirando and the beginnings of flageolet technique (harmonics), legato techniques and position changing. 
Instead of key signatures only accidentals are used.

Book 2 for advanced players provides short pieces for practicing half, middle and full barré, combined with frequent position changes.