The main focus of my work is in contemporary music. There are also some audio samples composed in mutli-genre styles like Jazz or South American Music


Unbewusst - Beginning from 3_Choreographische Etüden

Unbewusst – Beginning from 3 Choreographische Etüden – CLICK TO VIEW

from Drei Choreographische Etuden für Gitarre (1978/79) – T. Bocklenberg
Performer: Thomas Bocklenberg

2 Extracts


2 Pianos – T. Bocklenberg (1984)
Recording of the premier at Gaudeamus-Musicweek 1984 at De Ijsbreker by piano duo René Eckhardt and Niek de Vente.
Extract bar 1 – 34
Extract bar 158-end
With kind permission of Gaudeamus, Netherlands

Interview mit Autofluk

Electronic Composition for 4-Channel-Tape.
Produced with the Synlab-System at ICEM – Folkwang University (1986) – T. Bocklenberg
2-Channel Audio sample in preparation.

IRINI – this piano is sending the message now

Variations on the morse code of the word IRINI (ειρήνη) (2014) – T. Bocklenberg
Digital audio sample, complete piece


Prelude 4-Mondfeder_p1

Mondfeder Seite 1 – KLICK ZUM ANSCHAUEN

4 Preludes mit Intermezzo für Orchester (2008) – T. Bocklenberg
The orchestral pieces are composed for young musicians. From this Prelude 4 (Mondfeder) was commissioned by the Association of Friends and Supporters of the Music School Dormagen e.V. The preludes are meant to be pictures for the ear – sceneries in a cosmic environment. Titles like Mare Undarum or Cosmic Bowl already point that out. As a didactic work, the performance is intended only for youth orchestras.

Mare Undarum – Prelude 1
Extracts as digital audio samples: bar 62-78 and 106-119
Cosmic Bowl – Prelude 3
Extract as digital audio sample: bar 29-58


Ricercar 1- page 13

Ricercar 1- audio sample 1 – CLICK TO VIEW

Ricercar 1 - page 33

Ricercar 1 – audio sample 2 – CLICK TO VIEW

for Lute and Theorbo, 1 player (1989)
T. Bocklenberg
Michael Freimuth. Production ICEM – Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen.
Recording: Thomas Bocklenberg
Composition with many special playing techniques and sound effects.

2 Extracts

With kind permission of ICEM – Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen and Michael Freimuth.


for 2 Channel Tape (1989) – T. Bocklenberg
Realization at ICEM – Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen, Thomas Bocklenberg


With kind permission of ICEM – Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen.


Scherzo Ex Anima_II_p4-system1

Page 4, system 1 – CLICK TO VIEW

for Guitar and Piano (1989) – T. Bocklenberg

This piece lives on the steady flow of a rhythmic and melodic pattern, which is reminiscent of the South American Milonga. Guitar and piano are merged closely. The image shows the beginning of the main section with its typical rhythmic structure in the piano. You can here this passage at the beginning of the audio sample.

3 Extracts as digital audio sample


for 2 Pianos (2003). There is also a version for Guitar Quartet (Terz Guitar, Guitar 1, Guitar 2, Quint Bass Guitar)
T. Bocklenberg | Extracts as digital audio sample
Con forza, poco a poco agitato, bar 74 – 91
Secco e brusco, bar 142 – 166
Brioso e Finale, bar 207 – End


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