Bocklenberg Portrait landscape

Foto: © Claus von Weiß

Studies in the 1980s at Robert-Schumann Institut Düsseldorf: guitar with Prof Maritta Kersting, composition and instrumentation with Prof Günther Becker. Afterwards studies of electronic music and computer composition at Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen with Prof Dirk Reith. Works for several instrumentations, ranging from solo and chamber music to orchestral and electronic music. Author of a guitar method and pieces for music lessons. Lutenist (solo and continuo) and guitarist. Member of several ensembles.

To meet the requirements of contemporary music, Thomas Bocklenberg performs a playing technique which differs aesthetically from historical techniques. This is basis for compositional ideas and performances of his own works and arrangements. As guitarist, lutenist and arranger, he is member of several ensembles and participated in studio and film productions.

Here you will find a list of compositions.


Participation in past and present ensembles:

CANTIGA − Songs and Instrumental Music from Middle Ages to Early Baroque (Düsseldorf/Essen)
MUSICK’s RECREATION − Two Viols & Lute (London/Essen)
THOMAS B DUO − Early and  Contemporary Music for Countertenor and Lute (Duisburg/Essen)
TRUTZ NACHTIGALL − Early Vocal and Instrumental Music from Friedrich Spees’ Time (Düsseldorf)

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