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Guitar solo
Two and more Guitars
Teaching Guitar
Lute, Archlute, Theorbo (Chitarrone) – Solo
Baroque Guitar
Melody Instrument and Guitar
Voice and Plucked String Instrument
Chamber music with Lute / Theorbo
Chamber music
Piano and Violin – Solo
Electronic music & Computer music

The * sign indicates multi genre pieces (Jazz, Latin etc.). There are etudes, pieces for lesson or concert.
Das * Zeichen weist auf Multi-Genrestücke hin (Jazz, Latin etc). Darunter sind Etüden, Stücke für Unterricht oder Konzert.


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Drei Choreografische Etüden
Gefesselt – Absolute Ruhe – Unbewusst (Audio sample)
Guitar solo 1978-79
Etude 1988 Guitar solo 1988
Puppentänze − ein zirzensisches Ballet für junge Menschen*
11 short movements: Traumkarussell, Pantomime, Mitternachtswalzer, Affenpolka etc.
Guitar solo 1989
Latin American solos*
Habanera (1982) (Solo version), Samba E (1987), GuitarRio (1990)*
Guitar solo 1982-1990
Collections of Fingerstyle solos (Jazz and other styles)*
Pickings (1974-1990) and Guitar Spots (1989-1992)*
Guitar solo 1974-92
Tango im ersten Licht – Tango Diario 31.August 2004* Guitar solo 2004
7 Arpeggio & Legato Studies Guitar solo 2006
Kibin na oyayubi – „quick thumb“ (Alzapua Etude) Guitar solo 2012
5×3 – Legato Etude in open form Guitar solo 2012
Mirie’s Welcome* Guitar solo 2016
Concert Etudes (*)
Sonatina Alzapua, Studie im Schatten (Tremolo),
Along with a Demon
Guitar solo 2012-2018
Am Grat – 4 short pieces Guitar solo 2019


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Spielmusik für Meerbusch 2 Guitars 1982
Scherzo ex anima I 3 Guitars 1987
Tango tientos Version für Guitar Quartet*
(see also version for 2 Pianos)
Terz Guitar, 2 Prim Guitars, Quintbass Guitar 2003
Latin- and Jazz-Duos*
Habanera 1982, Zamba Humoristica Ring,
Morceaux à louer – Jazz Studie (p-i Anschlag)
2 Guitars 1982-2012


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Allez Barré vol. 1 – 12 Easy Barre Etudes* (german or english) Guitar 1991-2013
Allez Barré vol. 2 – 16 Moderately Difficult Barre Etudes* (german or english) Guitar 1991-2013
Rumba Stringtime (Audio sample) 2 or 4 Guitars 2019
Gitarrenstücke für Dich – Book 1-6
230 mostly short pieces, suitable for teaching
1 or 2 Guitars 1976-2020


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Ricercar I (Details) Lute 10c, Archlute (one player) 1988
Romanze und Tanz (Audio sample) Lute in G 10 c. or Archlute/Liuto attiorbato in G 1994 (Bergmann Edition)
Fantasie „In Nomine“ II (Details) Lute 10c or Archlute 2000 (Revised Edition 2017)
Pieces for various Lute Instruments *
Crossing, MicroTask, Spring – Three pieces for Baroque Lute,
Etude traversée, Villancico „Año Nuovo“, Archi (Jazz) (Arci)
Baroque Lute, Theorbo, Lute (10), Archlute 1986-2007
Ecos de la Danza – Collection for Lute*

  1. Spiegeltanz / Mirror Dance (Archlute/Lute 10c.)
  2. Pass’e mezo (Archlute)
  3. Salto / Flip (Lute 7c.)
  4. Pulgare – Toccata (Archlute/Lute 10c.)
  5. Corrente / Current (Archlute)
  6. Streichtanz / Stroke Dance (Lute 7c.)
Lute, Archlute 2007-11
Kokoro (Audio samples) Theorbo in A 14 single courses,
courses 1-7 stopped
2009 (Revision 2022 Bergmann Edition)
Protobino* (see also version for piano) (Details) Tiorbino or Theorbo – tuning as high as possible 2013 (Revised Edition 2020)
Etude „B.c.“ Archlute 2013
Short pieces for the lesson (medium-difficult)*
Riffs (Lute 7 courses), Invisible Stairs (Lute or Bass Lute 10 courses), Morning Dance of Lutor (Lute , Bass Lute or Archlute)
Various Lutes 1990-2014
Etudes and Studies (*)
Four Studies ‚pi‘ (6) (Details), Jazz-Toccata D.G (Arci),
Study for the plucking hand (8-10),
Prélude réel, Moment et Étude (8) (Details), Liuto irrequieto
Lute 6-10 courses, Archlute 2000-2015
Qtab – Concert Etude (Details) Theorbo in A using stopped courses 1-7 (optional 8) 2015 (Revised Edition 2020)
Geister I&II / Ghosts I&II (Details) Theorbo 2017 (New Version 2019)


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Drei traditionelle Tanzvariationen*
Jacaras, Parasanza, Tarantella
Baroque Guitar (course 5 high) 2010
Der Bär auf der Brücke / The Bear on the Bridge – Jacaras (Baroque Guitar) (Details) Baroque Guitar (course 5 high) 2014 (New Version 2019)


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L’heure éternelle, London Carnival, Águas Novas, Samba Alegria etc.* Flute or Clarinet B, Guitar 1974-2003


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Rühmkorf – Lieder (*) Tenor, Guitar 1999
Psalmen Soprano, Theorbo A 2002
Cantabo Domino* (Psalm 104, Vers 32, 33) Soprano, Lute G 2006


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Sonatine „Gommer Abendmusik“ Violin, Archlute 1997
Traversée au printemps* (Duo – Version) Alto-Flute G or Violin or Violoncello, Theorbo A 2007
Scherzo ex anima III (*) 2 Viols (Bass & Bass), Archlute 2008
Codex Brevis – Scherzo ex anima IV (Details)(Audio samples) Violin, Descant Recorder, Bass Viol, Lute 10 courses 2014
Blinde Berührung / Blind Touch (Details)(Audio sample) Lute (6 or 7 courses) and Bass Viol 2016 (Revised Edition 2020)


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Music to the silent movie Überfall by Ernö Metzner (1928)
Score as manuscript, 1/4 inch tape not digitized
Flute/Alto-Flute, Clarinet A/Eb, Piano, Celesta, Percussion with Marimba and Tape 1982
Hulotombeau – on the death of Jacques Tati 2 Pianos 1984
Motion 74.0.4 11 Wind instruments and Percussion 1986
Scherzo ex anima II Guitar and Piano 1989
Tango tientos* (Audio sample) (see also version for Guitar Quartet) 2 Pianos 2003
Tango and Jazz compositions for small Ensemble*
Difficult Sisters¹, Mirie’s Farewell (Prelude), Afrostefanus (with E-Bass)
Tango Diario: Central (with Accordion) – Paseo (Song) – La Vuelta (Song), Valse de Novembre
Trumpet and Organ¹,
Flute or Alto -Flute G, Guitar, Piano or Accordion, Soprano (Mezzosoprano)
Tryptyk – Poezje
Nach Texten von Karol Wojtyla
Oboe, Flute and Alto-Flute G, Guitar,
Piano 4 hands, Percussion


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Drei Studien Piano 1980
>Aubade – Abendlob – Mezzodi – Notturno „Il Sonno“
Violin 1999
Protobino* (see also version for Tiorbino or Theorbo) Piano 2013
Irini – this piano is sending the message now (Audio sample)
Variations on the Morse code of greek word „Irini“ (Piece)
Piano 2014


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4 Preludes mit Intermezzo* (Audio sample)
Mare undarum – Unsichtbare Begleiter – Cosmic Bowl – Intermezzo – Mondfeder
Youth Orchestra with Piano 2008


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Interview mit AutoFluk – Realization at ICEM – Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen by the composer (Audio sample) 4 Channel Tape 1986
Ricercar II – Realization at ICEM – Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen by the composer (Audio sample) 2 Channel Tape 1989

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