Musiker, Ensembles / Musicians, Ensembles

Michael Freimuth − Laute und  Guitarre
ensemble sonorizzonte  for Ancient and New Music (München)
Mülheimer Zupforchester – von der Renaissance bis zur Moderne
Andreas Stevens − Classical Guitarist – CDs with German guitar music
Trutz Nachtigall − Early Vocal and Instrumental Music from Friedrich Spees‘ Time (Düsseldorf)

Komposition, Publikationen / Composition, Publication

ICEM − Institut for Computermusic and Elektronical Media at Folkwang University of Arts, Essen
Index of Modern and Contemporary Lute Music
Bergmann Edition − Association for publishing music for the guitar (including solo and chamber music for other instruments like mandolin, lute, bass, woodwind, brass, keyboard, voice etc.)

Laute, Gitarre, Instrumentenbau / Lute, Guitare, Instrument Making

Thorsten Sven Lietz − Plucked Instruments Maker
Lute Society, England

Kulturportal / Cultural Portals − Database with contact data of creative artists, locations and institutions in all states of Germany. Culture Portal Germany

Unterrichten / Teaching

Lute Society, England – Lute teachers −  Worldwide list of lute teachers
Musikschule am Maintor  − Private Music School of Ute-Katharina Bocklenberg, Marktbreit
Musikschule der Stadt Gladbeck −  Music School of the City of  Gladbeck


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